Task Kuiper is Amazon.com’s initiative to offer low-latency, high-speed broadband net by introducing greater than 3,200 satellites into low earth orbit.

Amazon on Wednesday claimed it has actually rented a two-building 219,000-square-foot university in Redmond to work as the head office for research and development and also “model manufacturing and also qualification facility” for Job Kuiper. But it offered no further info.

The area of the university will be the Redmond Commerce Facility, according to two resources aware of the circumstance who supplied the information individually. Amazon lately leased the whole of the center, which was previously occupied by a construction-tool manufacturer called Genie Industries, the sources claimed.

Amazon said work on its Project Kuiper headquarters has already begun. Ashley Stewart

The Project Kuiper headquarters, Amazon said, will include offices and design space, research and development labs, and prototype-manufacturing facilities. 



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