Wednesday, September 23, 2020


First China-made Model 3 sedans Delivered in just under a year

A Tesla worker proposes to his sweetheart with a China-made Tesla Model 3 vehicle filled with flowers at a shipment event in the Shanghai Gigafactory of the U.S. electric vehicle maker in Shanghai, China...
cult of elon

InfoWealth Explains Why TELSA Has a CULT Following

0 There is no doubt that Tesla is unique in the way they conduct business, no advertisement budget. Once Elon Musk became CEO the brand Tesla started...

CES 2020: Does Elon Musk owes Ludacris a free Tesla?

CES 2020: Fast & Furious actor Ludacris' thoughts on Tesla as EVs have a major moment Apparently, it's pretty hard getting a free Tesla out of billionaire CEO Elon Musk. The rapper and Fast & Furious franchise...

Jack Rickard’s “The Tesla Conspiracy” | In Depth 9-7-19

Jack Richards the Tesla conspiracy in depth September 7 2002 19 you find it very interesting about the test all will be I'll describe you know thank you

$41,000 Tesla Model Y? + Engineering Details, VIN Update, Stock Market Check In

Date: 2020-03-24 08:31:12Is Tesla planning on selling a $41,000 Model Y? What will the cheapest Tesla Model Y specs look like and how will it compare with the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range? As...

“The Tesla Conspiracy” How Elon Musk Won The Crude Oil War

hey everybody I'm Zack and I'm Jesse and you're watching in-depth on now you know sponsored by our friends at a better route planner you know beau is out there working his butt...

Travis Scott reveals he’s an Elon Musk fanboy in new video Showing a Tesla...

0 In today's Tesla news we see Elon Musk and Tesla team up with Travis Scott and Gang Gang to release a new rap video featuring the...
tesla faces law a discrimination suit

Owen Diaz and his son claiming racism at California factory

Owen Diaz and his son Demetric Di-az accuse Tesla of discrimination and a  trial is scheduled for May 11, 2020. A federal judge rejected Tesla Inc’s effort to dismiss claims by two former workers that the...
TESLA 3 cam captured thieves with car license plate !!!

TESLA 3 cam captured thieves with car license plate


Musk: Powerpacks are coming to northern California Superchargers

  According to Musk, "All Tesla Supercharger stations in regions affected by California power outages will have Tesla Powerpacks within next few weeks." He also said the company is adding Tesla Solar to its stations...

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