house you see around you are all solar houses or if you know that did you notice the goal is to make have electric or near solar roofs that look better than a normal roof generate electricity out last longer have better insulation and actually have a cost and installed cost that is less than a normal roof plus the cost of electricity so we’re gonna show you this is the before shot of that house over there now that’s old solar if you look carefully you can see the the solar cells so the manor house is also solar and that’s a sort of a style above a french slate which is one of the hardest things to to do is so what the French slate hydrographic looks like let’s see that the third house is really transformative from the vantage point of the street it looks completely opaque but as the angle changes it goes from transparent to opaque to to the Sun it’s transparent but most pricing one is that the Tuscan tuscan glass all of the dark tiles have solar panels from the sun’s vantage point which tends to be high angle you can see that the solar pet the solar cells but as you change the angle to a shallow angle it reverts to a sort of a RG color one of the other advantages of glass is that we can actually make it a lot tougher and last longer than a conventional roof we wanted to look better last longer provide better insulation and cost less all things considered than a conventional roof and I think taking this approach it can be that’s where we’re headed and I hope you agree that’s the future we want [Applause]


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