This is the entrance to Iman West high-speed loop tunnel now this is a modified Model X they were giving demonstration rides today look at these alignment wheels down here on the front they’re attached to the two front wheels on the Model X they run along track walls inside the tunnel that keeps the Model X on course what’s it like to go for a ride through the high-speed loop tunnel let’s give you a peek after the Model X is lowered 45 feet and slowly rolls into the tunnel the driver accelerates quickly eventually hitting almost fifty miles per hour the row of lights on the ceiling are blue in the middle then red or green at the ends of the tunnel indicating drivers are clear to speed up or should slow down it’s a thrill when you’re inside the tunnel but this is certainly not close to 150 miles per hour that Elon Musk envisions for the high speed loop tunnel as they take these people in for a demonstration ride we should point out that this track is only a little over a mile long during that ride it will be bumpy you will feel the alignment wheels bumping into the side track walls and at the other side they will emerge rise 45 feet to the surface after driving through the tunnel probably in a little more than 35 or 40 seconds.


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