(dramatic music) – [Dan] Welcome back to
“What’s Inside? Family,” and today you’re going to see a video that has been long awaited and a lot of you guys have
asked me in the comments, are you every going to review the Model Y? Are you going to buy the Model Y Would you get a Model Y over a Model X or would you get the
Model Y over the Model 3? We have the Model S. We have the Model 3. We have the Model X and the Y, which is the new one and the roadster. Elon decided to be clever and it spells sexy. All of them are white
except for my blue roadster. It looks super out of place, which kind of makes sense because its kind of like the misfit
of the entire Tesla lineup. Most people don’t even consider this as being a Tesla right now, which is kind of funny because
without that car on the end, which was kind of a failure
in the way they designed it, Tesla wouldn’t even be around right now, and these other cars would not exist. Today we’re going to get the
family inside of this Model Y. We obviously own a Model X right now, and we’re super comfortable with it. The Model Y is almost like
the Model X’s little brother. One of the issues that
we have with our family, we started with the Model S, and it got a little tricky at times. We didn’t quite have enough room for all of us to be in
there, as the kids grew up. I mean, technically, yes, there’s room. I know it’s like first world problems, but when you’re on a long road trip, as a parent, it’s super
annoying when the kids are like, You’re in my space. They pushed me. Don’t grab my my blanket. And it happens all the time, and so the Model X has been
such a great car for our family. We’ve actually owned two of
them over the last few years. Sold one of them recently, but the Model X is really nice because it does have the
two seats in the middle, and then it has the two seats on the back, and so for our three kids, they can split up. They’re not touching each other. Whenever we have one
of their friends over, we can throw another one of
their friends in the back. We have six of us in there and you can even go to seven seats. The Model Y, its similar in size when you look at how
high they are on the top. I think its only like an
inch or two difference as far as how high it is, and it has more cargo room inside. So it’s built off of the same platform as the Model 3. It’s just, they added some
more room inside of there. At some point, they’re going to have a
third row in the back. That is not an option that’s even out yet. So, anyway, let’s do a full review. I just keep looking at
these cars behind me and thinking it is so cool that we have every single Tesla behind us. This is going to be the
Ultimate Summon Test. In this corner, we have the Tesla Model Y. In this corner is the Tesla Model X. It’s a 2017. 100D. We have the roadster that
does not have summon. It’s just gonna sit there
and look pretty, hopefully. The Model 3 performance right over there. This is one of the first ones
that were out, originally. And then we have a Tesla Model S P100D. We are just gonna sit here
like nerdy Tesla owners and push the button that
says “come to me car.” Which you can do this in
parking lots with lots of cars. From my experience, I wouldn’t use this in a parking lot unless it was like pouring rain, and it wasn’t that busy, and you really needed
to get the car to you, or you’re in this parking lot with nobody, and you want to do this super nerdy test. So, here we go. Nerdy Test. Let me pull up my summon mode. Push this button which
makes it come to you. Oh
(needle scratches record) Smart Summon is not currently ready. (laughter) So we still are having
problems with the Model 3. Apparently, it needs to
warm up to do summon mode. This is a good test here. It’s supposed to go to the target, and for some reason, it wants
to drive over those trees. Yours, the Model Y also
wants to drive around that. Mine doesn’t say anything. – [Man offscreen] His doesn’t have a line. – Mine doesn’t have a line. Is everybody ready? – [Man offscreen] Ready.
– [Man Offscreen 2] Think so. – Alright. Three, two, one, go! Preparing to summon, my car says. Uh oh Slow down– – [Offscreen] Come on! Come on Model S (needle scratches record)
– Oh! Mine’s going backwards! (laughter) Mine ran into the curb! – [Offscreen] Come on! Come on Model S – [Dan] Oh! Mine’s going backwards! I’m pushing it again. Oh, where’s the Model Y going? It’s going around that. Don’t let it crash, boys. (inaudible yelling) – [Justin] Aw man, aw man! – [Dan] Aw, what? The 3 is the fastest The S is almost here. Mine ran into the curb and now it’s totally stopped. And the Y is still over there. (tape rewinding) Alright, Y. Oh, its really working. Look at the steering wheel. Oh, it stopped. It stopped right there. – [Offscreen] Waiting for pedestrians – Oh it is? Is that what it says? Okay. – [Offscreen] Waiting for path to clear. – Okay, its coming. I’m still trying mine. That’s pretty slick though. It didn’t crash into the trees over there. Three is the winner. The S is in second place. The Y is in third. Tesla Model X is the worst
Tesla in the history, no. (upbeat electronic music) So we’re back home. We have our Model X here. We have the beautiful roadster, and then the very practical Honda Accord. And then we have Lincoln here – Hi – [Dan] Walking backwards. – I know. I really wanna go see the car. – [Dan] Do you want to see the Model Y? – Yeah I do. – [Dan] Why do you want to see it so much? – Um, I’ve never seen one before. and I…
– [Dan] Why? – Why? I mean I’ve seen one in videos, but I’ve never really actually seen one. – [Dan] Why? – Why? – [Dan] Why? – Because they’re not really released yet. I mean they are releasing them now. – [Dan] Why? – Okay stop it. – [Dan] Just saying Y! This is Lincoln’s first
chance to see the Y. – Wow I’m shocked of how much
it looks like a Model X. It’s just a little bit shorter. – [Dan] It does look like a Model X. – Yeah – [Dan] By the way, this is Justin. This is his car. He’s the one that brought it all the way up from Arizona. Thank you for bringing it up. – Yes, of course.
– That was really nice of you. – [Lincoln] Ooh, wow. – [Dan] Go ahead have a seat. – Yup – [Dan] Take it for a spin. – Nope. – [Dan] Isn’t it interesting
with the one screen? – Yeah, what is this? What is that? – [Dan] What?
– [Justin] Wireless charging. – [Dan] Oh yeah, wireless?
– [Lincoln] Oh really? That’s what that is? – [Justin] It’s included now, yeah. – Oh that’s cool. (door slams) – [Dan] See ya buddy. It looks just like the X. The handles are different than the X. You do that little thing. It’s kind of like the Model 3. Right at the back of the car, there’s tons of storage in here. You have this with fancy Louis Vuitton. It comes with Louis Vuitton backpacks. How does that one open? – [Justin] It’s kind of harder to open so I always open this first and then fold that open. – [Dan] Oh, okay. And then how do the seats go down? (Justin laughs) – [Dan] Whoa. – But yeah, I’ve had
some issues with them. – [Dan] There you go. – [Justin] They’re not perfect. – [Dan] Okay so the seats do
they come back up this way or do you physically do it?
– [Justin] No You’ve gotta physically do it. – [Dan] Okay That’s a lot of room back there, though. That’s something I can’t do in my X. I can’t like lay down in it and camp out. – [Lincoln] I think it’s 70 inches. – [Dan] So Justin, when
you took delivery of it was there anything with
it that you didn’t like? – Yeah, there was some fit and finish and some paint issues. They’re not crazy. They’re not terrible, but Tesla’s gonna fix them and make it right, so – [Dan] That’s good. – I’m pretty happy with it. – But the real question is for me, how does it drive? What does it feel like? And so… Let’s take it on a drive. (upbeat electronic music) – [Dan] Leslie, you’re driving. – [Leslie] It looks similar.
Oh, right now I’m driving? – [Dan] Yup Do you know how to open it?
– The handles are different. – [Dan] You don’t push it. – What do you do? (Dan laughs) – [Dan] Look at you guys – I don’t know what to do.
– [Claire] I don’t know. – Like, push it harder? – [Dan] No – Oh! That’s funny. – [Dan] So you push that and then you grab it and pull it. – Oh and then pull it. – [Dan] Makes you work! – [Leslie] It actually does. – [Dan] You guys are all pushing on it. I love that. – [Leslie] Ooh, it’s so nice and clean. I like how clean it is. (gasps) Ooh. What on Earth? – [Dan] First impressions? You never been in a Model 3. – I’ve never been in a Model 3 either so it’s super sleek. There’s nothing. Like it feels like there’s nothing here and there’s supposed to be stuff here. – [Dan] Alright, let me hop in. Okay, we’re taking your car. – Sure – We’ll be careful with it. – I’ll be here. – One really big deal to me here is when I push the gas pedal, the door shuts. – [Dan] Yeah
– Why is that not happening. – The Model X is the only car the only Tesla that has the automatic doors that open and close for you, and they’re the only ones well I mean that’s part of
the automatic door but like you put your foot on the brake and the door on the X
just shuts for you nicely. This does not do that. – It’s one of the best features – It sound kind of ridiculous
but it is one one the best. – It sounds so lame that I
feel like this is an effort but it kind of is an effort when
you’re used to the other one. – [Lincoln] Oh wow. The chargers back here are
like the ones from the computer that you plug them in. See, USBs? – [Dan] USB-C?
– [Lincoln] USB-C – [Dan] Oh, they’re USB-C chargers. That’s interesting. – Oh, you guys are so scrunched. – I’m not that bad. – Okay, let’s go on a little drive. – Okay – I’m kind of nervous
that he’s watching me. – [Dan] Goodbye Goodbye. We’ll be okay. I promise. (Lincoln mumbles) He’s just like “Oh no. What’s going on?” Justin’s a super nice guy. – [Leslie] Yeah, so nice of him to bring us this. Alright, where we going? – [Lincoln] Ooh look. It says that it’s driving. – [Dan] Drive straight. – [Leslie] Okay
– Look I like how it has color. The actual car when it – [Dan] This car
– like, senses. Yeah, how like it senses people and stuff. – Oh yeah that car is so, this image of it is so nice. – [Lincoln] Yeah – It’s so smooth. It’s really smooth. – So there’s a bunch of
space under the seat. – So you’re totally comfortable Linc? – [Lincoln] I mean… – Like versus the X. – I like the X more, I think, but this is really cozy. Yeah. It’s really nice. – [Dan] This is wireless
charging for your phone if you set it on there.
– What? No. – Let’s see if it works with the case. – [Lincoln] Though her gigantic case – [Dan] Oh, look at that. – [Leslie] That’s cool – [Dan] Totally charging. Look at this. Stoplights. And it shows it just turned green. – [Leslie] Right. That it recognizes this. Oh that’s cool. – [Lincoln] So you don’t even
have to look at stoplights. – [Dan] Look at that. – [Leslie] So I can just
stare at my computer screen? – [Lincoln] Ooh wow. – [Dan] You can just watch
the computer screen and drive. Eh, no, you can’t, but then when you went
through the intersection… – [Lincoln] Ooh it’s fast too. That feels good. – [London] We’re gonna get pulled over. – [Leslie] It drives really, really nicely – Doesn’t it? – [Lincoln] Yeah, it’s smooth.
– [Leslie] Yeah It’s really nice. – Our Model X, when we drive it, it’s really weird but I feel like I feel like it gets the shocks it makes weird noises when you step on it. Like it’s not ready for it. I don’t know what it I don’t It just doesn’t feel tight and compact. – There’s something off. Something’s off. – [Dan] The Model X has
like an air suspension. This is just some coil shocks, but they actually I think feel pretty darn nice. – [Leslie] Yeah they feel nice. Where’s the air coming out of? Oh it’s coming out of this big long thing. – [Dan] Yeah It has this big long thing on there, – [Leslie] That’s brilliant – and what’s crazy is everything’s on the touchscreen so like I can adjust it. Look at this. Adjust the flow the direction you want it to go. – That actually is incredibly cool. – Is there an air vent back there? Oh there it is right here in the middle. That’s similar to the X. – [Lincoln] Oh yeah – [Dan] Look, stop sign. Sees the stop sign. – [Lincoln] Ooh – And it sees the cones over there. It could see the cones. London, how do you feel in the middle? – Scrunched – Okay, so here’s the question. This car, this exact one right here, brand new, costs $62,000. – That’s a really good deal. – It’s a good deal. – Compared to the X. – The X brand new, the one that we have is probably like 105, 110, something like, No, right now is probably in like 95, 100. – Yeah – Probably 100 for it so you’re looking at like
a $35,000 difference. – I think that’s worth it. – I honestly I feel like the brand new price for the Model X is just too much money – It is
– for what you’re getting. – A used Model X right now? I think that could compete and compare to a Model Y, and that’s a decision to make. This one on a road trip has a pretty good amount of range. It has like 320 miles. Ours right now is like 280. It’s not great right now. And then also, it has version three Supercharging. (upbeat electronic music) We did it guys. – We did it. It’s nice, it’s very nice. – I really do like the sunroof though. – [Dan] Lincoln, I didn’t really ask you, – Yeah
– [Dan] thoughts of the car. – I think that it’s great. It does have more miles
which I really like, and I really like the doors. – [Dan] Should you buy a Model Y or should you buy a Model X? The real question is, do you actually need a new car right now? Like, do you need one? And if you don’t, if the answer is no, if your current car is working fine, even if its a gas car, its probably better with
the economy and everything, just hold off. You don’t need to go buy a Tesla. If you need a new car, and you want to go electric, the price range of this and everything that you get is fantastic. If you have less than five
people in your family, the Y is the best car for your money. I wouldn’t even bother with the Model 3. If you live in a cold weather place, it has the heat pump. It helps with the battery to keep your battery from having phantom drain. This is the best Tesla for your money right now. That’s what I’m saying. Do I still like the X more? For my family, yes, I do but, I definitely see that the Y has things that are definitely better. Thank you being in the review and giving your thoughts. – This is our outing for the entire day so – [Dan] For an entire week. – For an entire week! – [Dan] We don’t the house
leave the house very often. Thanks for the car. Drive safe, and enjoy the Model Y. – Thank you, I will. (upbeat electronic music) – [Dan] Well my car does not work. Sexy. Well there’s a three in there that’s not really an E but it looks kind of
like an E or whatever. So anyway, this is it. (intense music) (needles scratches record) (playful polka music) Oh, by the way, if you have a Model 3 or a Model Y, you can get our 22 ounce water bottle, and it fits perfectly inside of there. Look at that. Why wouldn’t you get that? (Leslie laughs) – Incredibly cool


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