Date: 2020-05-21 03:28:29


➤ The Tesla community is abuzz with speculation about vehicle-to-grid technology based on recent reports and the upcoming Tesla battery day. Today’s episode explores that speculation and examines Tesla’s past comments on vehicle-to-grid functionality.
➤ Tesla’s lawsuit against Alameda County is resolved
➤ First long range single-motor made-in-China Model 3s are delivered
➤ Mazda starts production on an all-electric SUV, the Mazda MX-30


Ludicrous producer Fred Hassen
Executive producer Rish Singh
Executive producer Jeremy Cooke
Executive producer Nick Wood
Executive producer Fela Winkelmolen
Executive producer Troy Cherasaro
Executive producer Bradford Ferguson
Executive producer Andre Kent
Editing assistance by Brandon Smith
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives


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