hey guys a lot of stuff going on around with the coronavirus so this is Tesla engineering we’re in the lab and we’ve been working on some stuff we just wanted to share it with you we’re trying to make some ventilators out of some car parts so that we can help out the medical industry without taking away from their supply so I’m gonna give it over to Joe Mart all and he’s gonna tell you about what we’ve been doing as laws said we’ve been working on developing our own ventilator designs specifically one that’s heavily based on Tesla car parts we want to use parts that we know really well we know the reliability of and we can go really fast when they’re available in volume so so here’s like a kind of high-level schematic design you can see that all the red parts here are a Tesla vehicle part so we’ve used a lot of those and what is a ventilator a ventilator is a device that helps patients breathe who can’t really well for themselves and it does that by forcing air into their lungs with the pressure or volume control and then exhale passively and now I’ll take you to our first round of prototype that we developed and can talk you through that on the bench here hi everyone so I’m going to walk you through the first prototype we’ve built so this is the hospital grade supply that is going into a mixing chamber which is called part that we use in our vehicles this is where the oxygen and the air makes us together and then it passes through a wall body which use which is used to create the waveforms the pressure and the volume waveforms then the air coming out of the small body goes to a bunch of sensors so this is a flow rate sensor this is a pressure sensor it then goes to a filter and goes into the patient’s lung and then carbon dioxide is put into that air and then goes through the eggshell pipes and goes to set of sensors and then goes through the x0 valve which is used to total the pressure of the lungs so you always keep a positive pressure on the lung so which helps the COBIT 19 patients and put you over to bed who’s going to show you the package version of the same this system is powered by the model 3 infotainment system up here the pup we have a model 3 center display touchscreen this touchscreen is powered by the model 3 infotainment computer in here which controls model 3 vehicle controllers these vehicle controllers talk to these precision variable valves on this single piece manifold which we designed to be easy to put together this gives us three different ways to control what’s happening in the patient pressure regulated volume control pressure control or volume control for the most amount of flexibility for the most acute patients out there we also put in on the bottom a backup system so with an o2 tank our backup battery and the air compressor you get 20 to 40 minutes to move that patient where you need to give them the care that they deserve now coming back up to the top let’s see what’s happening on the UI first of all we’ve got a respiratory simulator right here it’s basically simulating what a lung does it has a various amounts of compliance and it’s breathing that breath is actually being plotted out up here we have three plots for pressure flow and volume and you can see the line moving across as the lung is breathing now if something happens to the lung it constricts it you can see the pressure waveform change overlaid on the history of the previous 12 seconds that’s important so a doctor can see if they’re improving or something’s going wrong there’s still a lot of work to do what we’re giving it our best effort to make sure we can help some people out there


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