sitting here behind me are two of the cheapest Tesla models in their lineup the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y now we found out last week that they share about 75% of the same components but there are some key differences so this time on eat sleep drive we’re gonna dive deep and find out just exactly what those differences are welcome everyone to another episode of eat sleep drive I’m very excited to have the Tesla motto I hear which is Tesla’s latest model you may have seen last week I did a video review of this car specifically and what we found out was that these cars this is the Tesla Model 3 share about 75% of the same components so they are in many ways very similar but there are some unique differences and I wanted to get them side-by-side so I can show you exactly the differences between each first of all huge thank you to my friend Erin who rents a bunch of Tesla’s on tarou and he’s actually running a promotion through the end of May if you DM him on Instagram and mention this video you can rent a Tesla Model Y performance for only $99 there’s a link in the description below but let’s dive into these vehicles now the first big thing obviously you’re going to notice between these two cars is that one is a SUV and one is a sedan this one specifically the model y is what they refer to as the Cu V or a crossover SUV so subsequently it has a rear hatch which is powered on this car well that’s something that’s different on the model 3 the rear trunk is not powered so you can put it up and down by just pressing this button which is a nice feature but will bring it back up because I want to show you more things that are in the trunk now that we have the rear hatch open we can see the ample cargo space in the back of the Tesla Model Y this car has 68 cubic feet of cargo space compared to the 15 in the model 3 so clearly a huge significantly different amount of cargo room in this car and there are some more pockets in this one on the Tesla Model 3 there’s only one pocket on the side here you can see and there’s actually one on both sides on the Tesla Model Y now the other big difference that you’re gonna see is this but these two buttons back here which put the seats down remotely so you don’t have to do it yourself you just hit this button and the seat falls down so the Tesla Model 3 does not have any ability to remotely release the seats you have to do it yourself now as I mentioned in the Tesla Model 3 you can also put the rear seats down but they are 60/40 splitting in the Tesla Model Y it’s actually three different seats so you can actually put this down the center I don’t even know if I want to call it a seat because I’m not sure it’s technically a seat but you can have a pass through here which is something different than the Tesla Model 3 but you can essentially put each of these down individually so three seats versus the two seats in the Tesla Model 3 the first thing that you notice when you get in the model Y in the back seat at least is this incredible panoramic glass roof it is different than the model 3 the model 3 has a sort of bar that goes across that will break up this area whereas in the model Y it’s just one big roof so you don’t really notice it that much in the front seat when you’re driving because it’s it’s sort of like just beyond your field of vision above you but when you sit in the back seat it is really quite an interesting experience to just have this completely exposed glass roof now it’s not just the glass roof that makes this vehicle feel bigger in the rear seat it is actually physically bigger in the rear seat back here I have a little more than an inch and a half more of Headroom than the model 3 in the model Y and the big difference here is the amount of legroom there are five additional inches of legroom in the model Y as opposed to the model 3 so that’s really the big advantage to the model y is your rear occupants have so much more room both height and leg there is one quick note though the front seat they did borrow an inch from the front seat so you lose an inch of legroom in the front seat but you gain five inches in the rear seat so a bit of a trade-off there while we’re talking about the seats the seats in the model Y also recline in the rear which is pretty nice they go to settings back now I’m six one I haven’t I don’t have any issues with Headroom in the back here but when I do put the seat all the way in the recline position my head does hit this sort of protrusion right here so it is something of note so anyone six foot or under will be completely fine in the rear seat but it is something to note two other things of note in the model Y rear seat is first the manual release of the rear doors in the model three you don’t get that there are there’s a manual release and the front doors on both cars but the model wise is the only one that gets the manual release what do I mean by that there are traditionally actuators which open and close the door and the problem with that is if the battery goes completely flat and it can’t open there’s really no way to get the door open so there’s a manual release that you can do in the model Y so that’s kind of a interesting difference and then also you have two USB ports here there’s no climate control or anything back here there are vents for heating and cooling which you can direct back here but they’re all controlled up front but you do get these two USB type-c ports in the back for charging whatever various needs your people in the back of need moving on to the front seat of the model why it’s more or less the same as the model three there are a couple differences though but if you were to just be blindfolded and put in one or the other it would be kind of hard to tell the big difference here is the amount of headroom there is a little bit more headroom in the model y as opposed to the model three I already mentioned that you do you lose an inch of legroom in the front seat of the model Y that’s to help with the rear legroom but the seats you’ll notice here is like mounted really high up which i think is quite odd these are the exact same seats from the model three but they on this like big risers right here which kind of looks crazy but the big thing with Cu visas people really like to feel like they’re sitting high up and they can kind of see everything and have a good view so that is definitely a difference in this car you definitely feel like you’re sitting higher up because you physically are sitting higher up because of these risers while we’re talking about visibility the visibility is slightly limited in the model Y just because of that rear sort of Sportback configuration it’s quite a narrow rear window and it’s it is slightly different than if you were to drive the model 3 and the model y back to back the last difference in the front cabin is the addition of a wireless charging area right in this centre stack here so if your phone has the capability you can plop it here and it will wirelessly charge it which is quite a nice feature to have a big difference that exists beneath the surface of these cars is that the model Y comes with a heat pump this is something the model 3 does not come with a heat pump fundamentally changes how the cabin and battery heating operates and actually greatly improves the efficiency of these cars in colder weather what does all that mean it means if you live in a cold climate you will see an improve range with the model Y over the model 3 as it’s about time to sum these vehicles up before we do I want to make a quick note that the Tesla Model Y also gets a rear tow hook which is something that’s not present in the model 3 the model 3 only has a front tow hook so you get both front and rear on the model Y a minor difference but it is something that may come in handy if you ever need to tow the car as far as driving impressions you can check out both of my videos I did a in-depth video for the model 3 and the model Y so you can look back at those if you want to get into all the nitty gritty but they really Drive very much the same there is slightly more body roll in the model Y but despite the fact that this model Y is 344 pounds heavier it’s really hard to tell honestly it is slightly slower 0 to 60 from like competing model to model so the dual motor to do a motor you can’t beat physics the way we’ll make this car slightly slower but it’s honestly really hard to tell so as I mentioned last week in this review I thought the model was a great compromise of basically getting all the perks of the model three with more storage the big difference here is the 322 mile range on this car versus the 315 mile range on this car or subsequent like dual motor to dual motor long range models so you lose seven miles of range going from the model 3 to the model y which is a pretty insignificant number in my book but it is something worth mentioning so slightly less efficient because of the heavier weight and of course a little bit more drag being it’s a bigger vehicle but let me know what you guys think in the comments below what you think about the model Y compared to the model 3 I was pretty blown away when I drove the model 3 initially and I’m really impressed with Tesla’s later latest latest offering in the model Y C UVs are huge in America the Honda CRV and the rav4 sold almost a million cars last year so you can tell that they have a huge market for these here let me know once again in the comments below I appreciate you guys watching as always if you want to follow me in between episodes check me out on instagram at eat sleep drive TV otherwise I look forward to seeing you guys on the next one [Music] [Music]


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